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Bulletin #30


Fish Hooks of the Pacific Islands Vol II

The sea, for those who live along the coast, is an important and even indispensable source of food  

Bulletin #29


Precious Pictures The Daguerreotype Memento

The Daguerreotype initially took over from silhouette paper cutting (Scherenschnitt) and portrait painting and drawing  

Bulletin #28


Kronos: Fire and Water

Daniel Blau has assembled an outstanding collection of photographs bearing testimony to the attack  

Bulletin #27



What is the aesthetic beauty of a circle, or of a turning, curving movement?  

Bulletin #26


Birds or Der Traum vom Fliegen

Birds have been revered in many cultures throughout history  

Bulletin #25


Caligari, Golem & Co. – Glass Negatives

Today they are disappearing, for they have no place in digital photography  

Bulletin #24



It sparkles and shines; it absorbs light, and it casts light back with a unique, effusive clarity. Water is omnipresent.  

Bulletin #23


The Art of Airbrush

Digital technology has made the process of altering photographs faster and easier, more difficult to detect, and more accessible to more people – many more people – than at any point in history.  

Bulletin #22



We associate green with Spring, with new birth and rebirth and plants as they sprout and grow.  

Bulletin #21


Me, Myself and I

The portrayal of the human figure is one of the oldest themes and subjects in the entire history of artistic expression.  

Bulletin #20


The Fine Line

In the history of art, the simple line drawn has always held a position of fundamental importance.

Bulletin #19


Louis Alphonse Poitevin


Bulletin #18


Traveling by Autochrome

Glaciers are among the most beautiful natural wonders on Earth.  

Bulletin #17


The Art of the Autochrome

The Lumière Autochrome, invented and marketed by brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière, was the world’s first practical color photography process.  

Bulletin #16


Of Demons, Spirits and Other Creatures

  ‘Demon’ comes from the Greek δαίμων or δαιμόνιον.  

Bulletin #15



Stefan Zweig, “Die Welt von Gestern” (“The World of Yesterday”) Erich Kästner, “Der Gang vor die Hunde” (“Going to the Dogs”), forword to new edition, Munich, Summer 1946   All photographs are available for purchase. Prices upon request. For further information please send an email to: contact@danielblau.com All offers are […]

Bulletin #14


Early Photography in Japan

Photography was first introduced to Japan at a time of great upheaval in the country.  

Bulletin #13


Yoshito Matsushige & Yōsuke Yamahata

Eyewitnesses of the final bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki  

Bulletin #12


Snow Studies

“How full of the creative genius is the air in which these are generated! I should hardly admire more if real stars fell and lodged on my coat.” Henry David Thoreau

Bulletin #11


Message in a Bottle

A “found object” is understood to be an object, part of the everyday or natural surroundings, which is made into a work of art.

Bulletin #10


Architecture & Photography

GEORG KOPPMANN Vintage Photographs of Historic Hamburg

Bulletin #9


Architecture & Art

Housing Projects by Lüpertz, Kiefer and Immendorff

Bulletin #8


A Victorian Photographer Abroad

Francis Frith’s (1822-1898) photographic tours to Egypt in 1856-57 and 1859-60 were by far the most ambitious and systematic excursions of his time

Bulletin #7


Travelling Photographers

“Travel to Egypt? They all start dancing with sheer joy,” he wrote. “As if that was something other than going to London.”

Bulletin #6


Carbon Printing

One of the most common printing processes developed in the 1850s is the carbon print.

Bulletin #5


So far yet so close: NASA Lunar Orbiter Photographs

The photographs taken by a machine are the remnants of one the first successful attempts at exploring our nearest celestial neighbour.

Bulletin #4


Karl-Heinz Schwind

“Images enlarge the space, expand it – form tunnels into other worlds, make the room a Charles de Gaulle departure hall”

Bulletin #3


auto – Mobile

There are just a few examples of the ways in which artists have turned their attention to cars and car cultur

Bulletin #2



The cyanotype process is chemically simple and limited in terms of the color…

Bulletin #1


Retouching in Photography

“It is not the camera but the skill of the operator that produces a realistic-looking photograph”