Art Basel Review

Art Basel Review


Exhibition: October 5 – November 30, 2021

11am – 6pm | mon – fri
Maximilianstraße 26, 80539 München


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Paris Photo 2021

Paris Photo 2021

DANIEL BLAU is pleased to present four special exhibitions at Paris Photo 2021, covering three centuries of photographic history.

Louis Alphonse Poitevin
Dating back to the middle of the nineteenth century, our earliest items were created by photographic pioneer Louis Alphonse Poitevin, a man whose life’s work enriched both the artistic and the technological development of the young art form. Through years of chemical experimentation he devised a procedure allowing him to print and distribute his images in mass‑market books. Having grasped the potential of photographic images as a form of mass media at a very early stage in the history of photography, Poitevin finds himself spoken of today alongside his colleagues Daguerre and Niépce, one of the “troisième homme de la photographie”.
The outstanding examples of his work that Daniel Blau is presenting at Paris Photo are noteworthy for their technical mastery within their historical context, their remarkable attention to detail, and their pure artistic value.
A catalogue of Alphonse Poitevin’s works is being published to accompany this exhibition.
Louis Alphonse Poitevin (1819-1882) "Self-Portrait of Alphonse Poitevin", 1855 - c. 1860 pigment process with dichromated albumen or gelatin 14,1 x 11,2 cm
Louis Alphonse Poitevin (1819-1882),”Self-Portrait of Alphonse Poitevin”, 1855 – c. 1860, pigment process with dichromated albumen or gelatin, 14,1 x 11,2 cm
A group of rare color and black and white silver gelatin prints from the NASA space missions Voyager, Mariner and Surveyor from the 1960s and ‘70s comprises our second exhibition for this year. Visitors familiar with our programme will be excited to fi nd an impressive new set of extraterrestrial images, formerly part of the collection of David Hasdell, presented now to the public at Paris Photo 2021.
NASA · Surveyor III “Solar Eclipse Viewed from Moon”, April 24, 1967, silver gelatin print, 19,2 (20,3) × 25,1 (26,0) cm, ©NASA, courtesy Daniel Blau, Munich
NASA · Surveyor III, “Solar Eclipse Viewed from Moon”, April 24, 1967, silver gelatin print, 19,2 (20,3) × 25,1 (26,0) cm, ©NASA,courtesy Daniel Blau, Munich
X-Ray Japan 1945
The third exhibition we will be presenting at Paris Photo 2021 is a collection of rare photographs focusing on the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. These images speak to one of the most devastating military decisions in history, from both a Japanese and an American perspective. Yosuke Yamahata’s photographs of August 9, 1945
offer us a unique fi rsthand insight into a city’s total destruction, and the fate of the men and women who lived through it. This exhibition is also being accompanied by a publication.
“Nagasaki After the Bomb 1945”, 1945, two silver gelatin prints on fibre paper, collaged together, 10,7 x 28,9 cm
Torahiko Ogawa (attr.), “Nagasaki After the Bomb 1945”, 1945, two silver gelatin prints on fibre paper, collaged together, 10,7 x 28,9 cm, ©Torahiko Ogawa (attr.), courtesy Daniel Blau, Munich
Sofia Valiente

A true highlight of our offerings this year is twin set of contemporary photographs from Blau Gallery’s own Sofia Valiente, the winner of Daniel Blau’s young photographers 5 Under 30 competition in 2015. Her projects “Miracle Village” and “Foreverglades” are accompanied by photo books available at our booth. For “Miracle Village,” the artist lived among registered sex offenders in a rural Florida community. Her report from that time includes photographs
and handwritten testimonies from the residents. “Foreverglades” brings stories from the Florida Everglades and the state’s pioneer past to new light. Sofia’s work has been featured in publications including Time, The Guardian, El Mundo, Vice and American Photo Magazine, and has been exhibited in London, New York and Paris. In 2015, she received the World Press Photo award for “Miracle Village” (1st prize, portraits, stories), the South Florida Cultural Consortium Artist Fellowship, and Burn Magazine’s Young Talent Award. “Miracle Village” and “Foreverglades” are also accompanied by a booklet.

Sofia Valiente Custard Apple Forest 2019
Sofia “Valiente Custard Apple Forest“, 2019, ©Sofia Valiente, courtesy Daniel Blau, Munich



Grand Palais Ephemere
Champs de Mars
75007 Paris

Fair Dates:
November 10, 2021
11 pm – 9 pm
Public Opening:
November 11 – 14, 2021
Opening Hours:
Daily: 12 am to 8 pm


It sparkles and shines; it absorbs light, and it casts light back with a unique, effusive clarity. Water is omnipresent.


It sparkles and shines; it absorbs light, and it casts light back with a unique, effusive clarity. Water is omnipresent. On a planetary scale it overwhelms us – it fills our oceans, weighs down the air around, wears the earth beneath our feet down and away into plunging gorges and vast canyons, and coats that earth again in crystal ivory when the air and earth turn frozen. On the microscopic scale it finds its way everywhere, dissolving and diluting, breaking nutrients down and conducting them onwards to feed the cells of plants and animals.

This elemental blend of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen serves as home for countless species of organisms, ranging from the largest to the smallest forms of life on the planet. Because water can hold and carry things both living and lifeless, its purity varies dramatically, along with its best possible uses from one source to another.


Evaporation of water acts a magic cleanser, leaving solid impurities behind as the pure moisture is drawn into the skies, re-gathered in clouds and re-distributed across earth and ocean with the help of global air currents and crashing storms. Water’s immense power is central to local, national, and international political scuffles and decision-making processes. It has molded and will only continue to mold geography both physical and political, and, with it, the history of human life. Social systems and customs are intimately bound up with the availability of water, and there is no economy on earth that does not leverage its value or suffer from its scarcity. The physical record of water’s changing impact over the centuries and millennia often are found concealed underwater, in soil, jungles, and caves, luring anthropologists, just as journalists and storytellers are drawn to the fascinations of fire, flood, and hurricane, and the opportunity to weave new tales from the devastation and prosperity water can bring. Its influence in language, music, art, theater, and ritual ceremony and custom is nearly endless – think of Sumidagawa in classical Noh theater, of the rain dances of indigenous cultures worldwide, of Moby Dick or Rusalka (or The Little Mermaid!).


Water is the fundamental shapeshifter. It reflects color, catches light, flows, and freezes. Even as it turns predator to the unwary, it becomes artistic prey for photographers, filmmakers, and painters, seeking to capture the fleeting, spellbinding truths it contains, casts back, and carries away.


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Other Diversions

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Al Seib,
Al Seib, “City-style Water Sport”, July 1984, silver gelatin print on matte PE paper, with crop marks in red crayon, printed by July 14, 1984, 34,4 (35,5) x 23,7 (25,8) cm, © Al Seib, Daniel Blau, Munich
3 Under 30

3 under 30

Daniel Blau is pleased to announce the winners of 3 Under 30, the gallery’s competition for young photographers.


  • Jimmy Chin Kiu Lee
  • Sarah Louise Lordan
  • Manon Martsch


The gallery received numerous submissions from emerging artists around the world. The winning photographers were selected based on the strengths of their portfolio and accompanying statement.

We will present a selection of works by these talented photographers at a group exhibition in Paris during Photo Saint Germain November 2021.

We wish to congratulate these photographers and we look forward to working with them on the Paris project.

Jimmy Chin Kiu Lee (*1993) is a University lecturer, doctoral researcher, visual art practitioner and documentary photographer. He was born and raised in Hong Kong and started his photographic practice in a Hong Kong-based newspaper before completing an MFA in the UK and beginning his doctorate. Over the past few years, Lee has been researching the ideology of those from Hong Kong, who live with cultural references from both China and the UK embedded in their society. His project In Search of Nirvana is a series of vivid photographs made in western China, including pictures evoking ‘continuous roads that run through the barren land, plastic flowers in freezing winter, the concept of patriotism, the nuclear-weapon project…’ and representing the artist’s attempt to explore his uncertain connection with Chinese culture.


Jimmy Chin Kiu Lee – Website


Jimmy Chin Kiu Lee, "Four Girls", 2017, color pigment print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl, 20,3 (24,0) x 25,5 (30,0) cm
Jimmy Chin Kiu Lee, “Four Girls”, 2017, color pigment prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl, 20,3 (24,0) x 25,5 (30,0) cm, © Jimmy Chin Kiu Lee, courtesy Daniel Blau, Munich


Sarah Louise Lordan (*1997) is a visual artist based in Ireland. A recent graduate from IADT in Dun Laoghaire, Lordan works predominantly with photography, creating thought-provoking and conceptual artworks. Her project Come As You Are consists of black and white portraits. These are close-ups of a single subject, her face filling two thirds of the frame and portraying a range of facial expressions, suggesting a range of emotional states, from rage to defiance to vulnerability, concern and surrender. Lit from above, the contrast and detail of the images are striking. For Lordan, art-making is a method of processing conflict within herself and the world around her. The artist states that her work ‘captures a cycle of thoughts and emotions that women go through when experiencing some sort of mental trigger.’


Sarah Louise Lordan – Website


Sarah Louise Lordan, "Not Mad, Just Disappointed #3", April 2021, digital archival pigment print, 29,7 x 21,0 cm, © Sarah Louise Lordan, courtesy Daniel Blau, Munich
Sarah Louise Lordan, “Not Mad, Just Disappointed #3”, April 2021, digital archival pigment print, 29,7 x 21,0 cm, © Sarah Louise Lordan, courtesy Daniel Blau, Munich



Manon Martsch (*1999) is a German artist currently based in France. She works with painting and photography and her project Blau Und Starr is formed of a series of cyanotype prints. Her photographic work displays a painterly sensitivity to line, texture and composition and is concerned with questions of rigidity and movement in the image. She says: ‘a form only becomes dynamic in relation to the environment’. Her cyanotypes vary in content, from the architectural – the angular lines of walls and windows, the curve of a building against a cloudy sky, the glow of sunlight on the facade of a residential block – to more abstract works featuring fragmented human forms and silhouettes.

Manon Martsch, "L'Einsichten in Aussichten", 2021, cyanotype, 19,9 x 16,3 cm
Manon Martsch, “Einsichten in Aussichten”, 2021, cyanotype, 19,9 x 16,3 cm, © Manon Martsch, courtesy Daniel Blau, Munich



Exhibition: July 29 – September 7, 2021 | extended until September 30, 2021

11am – 6pm | mon – fri
Maximilianstraße 26, 80539 München


All artworks are available for purchase. Prices upon request. For further information please send an email to:

Louis Alphonse Poitevin

Louis Alphonse Poitevin


Poitevin – The Rediscovery of an Alchemist

Daniel Blau is pleased to present Louis Alphonse Poitevin: outstanding inventor, chemist,
engineer, researcher, artist and photographer.
For more than 35 years Poitevin (1819-1882) experimented with chemical and mechanical processes to make photographic images printable and durable. Poitevin recognized early on
how important photography would be to illustrate printed books. He developed the first applicable methods, the implementation of which made the printing of photographically
illustrated books possible in the first place. Presenting 47 rare photographs, this exhibition of Alphonse Poitevin’s work offers the opportunity for an in-depth view into some of his most prescient inventions in photography.
Poitevin is remembered today most for establishing the fundamental principles of four nonsilver process families: photolithography, collotype, dichromate relief systems, and the carbon pigment process. His inventions refined existing techniques and made the mechanical reproduction of images and thus, the illustration of printed books, possible.
The publication offers the unique opportunity to take a comprehensive look at the life and work of the famous pioneer of photography using a large number of different photographs
and the latest cutting-edge-technology research results. The volume brings together photographs and the results of experiments that provide a comprehensive insight into Poitevin’s work and place his achievements in both a technical and an art-historical context.
Alphonse Poitevin here at last receives some of the attention he deserves.

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Printed and bound by Pelo-Druck Lohner oHG
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Paper cover: Flexcover, Gardamatt 350g/m2
84 pages, 97 illustrations
25,0×18,5cm, softcover
ISBN: 978-3-7774-3747-7
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Published: 2021
Copyright: all illustrations © Daniel Blau, Munich
Text: Martin Jürgens, Katharina Rohmeder

Layout: Christiane Wunsch

Editor: Robert Isaf

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