Art Basel 2024

Art Basel 2024

DANIEL BLAU is pleased to present an exhibition of six outstanding artists exploring the fissures at the hinge of humanity this year at ART BASEL 2024.
Dan Asher, Georg Baselitz, George Condo, Jean Fautrier, Llyn Foulkes,  Antonius Höckelmann, Eugène Leroy, Robert Rauschenberg, Julian Schnabel, Don Van Vliet and Andy Warhol.

Interior and exterior, landscape and mindset, chaos and form: art thrives on tracing the dichotomies of our human existence in the world, and the mid-20th century found its great artists toying with and teasing out the creative potential of our fundamental conflicts with vibrant energy.


Fair Dates:

Wednesday, June 12, 2024
5 pm – 8 pm
Public Days:
June 13 – 16, 2024
11 am – 7 pm


Booth E16
Messeplatz 10
4005 Basel
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