Alfred Jensen – A.R.Penck. Geometrie und Theorie in Farbe und Form

Alfred Jensen – A.R.Penck. Geometrie und Theorie in Farbe und Form

Our next exhibition, Farbe und Geometrie (Color and Geometry), will begin on 26 March and feature eleven works: four by Alfred Jensen (1903-81) and eight by A.R. Penck (1939-2017). Both artists are known for their abstract pieces which combine complex concepts with social-philosophical ideas.
Jensen’s work was focused on mathematical theories, numeral systems, Goethe’s teachings on color or the Mayan calendar. His drawings and paintings are considered representations of cosmic orders and philosophical ideas.
In the eight ink drawings from the „Serie E“, Penck uses simple forms such as circles, squares and triangles. Upon closer inspection, all of the drawings are divided by a central caesura. The tension between art and society and Penck’s occupation with the political realities of his time, like the division of Germany, are palpable.
The exhibition places select works by both artists into a dialogue, between color and form, geometry and their theories and demonstrates their clear line strokes and strong graphic presence..

Exhibition Dates:
March 26 – May 7, 2024
11am – 6pm | mon – fri
Maximilianstraße 26, 80539 München


The works in the exhibition are for sale. Please contact us for availability and prices.



Alfred Jensen (1903-1981), "Hekatompedon Serie, 1965", 1965
Alfred Jensen (1903-1981),
“Sun is the Hidden Number”, 1965,
gouache on paper cotton board,
127,0 x 101,6 cm, © Alfred Jensen, courtesy Daniel Blau, Munich