Sofia Valiente – Foreverglades

World Press Photo and Knights Arts Challenge award winner Sofia Valiente presents her stunning work Foreverglades. Valiente has been living and working in the Glades for five years, researching agriculture and community life in the region, telling a story of intertwined cultures, water landscapes and histories.
DANIEL BLAU is honored to bring Valiente's conceptually and aesthetically rich work to local and international art-lovers.
“Valiente, who we had the honour to introduce with her photographic series Miracle Village, has once again surprised us with her latest project: Foreverglades. It has taken her five years of quiet and reclusive work in situ in Florida to produce group poignant pictures. Her idea to recreate a 1920s steamboat as the backdrop for the project turns the body of work into a time machine and tightrope walk between photojournalism and conceptual art.”
Daniel Blau, 2020
Set 2/9 is a series of 38 prints presented in a handmade red buckram clamshell box with gilded title "Foreverglades - Sofia Valiente".
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Christmas Special - Set 2/9 is available for a limited time only 17.000 Euro incl. VAT plus shipping

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