X-mas-mix from Araki to Zangaki

Nobuyoshi Araki, n.t., 2000-2009,colour polaroid, 7,9 (10,7) x 7,7 (8,8) cm, ©Nobuyoshi Araki

December 1, 2014 — December 20, 2014


This Christmas Daniel Blau Gallerie in Munich is pleased to present a selection of photographs from the gallery’s most important collections.


By setting the scene of variety and juxtaposition as a context, the show culminates in a colourful, affordable and light-hearted exhibition for Christmas.


Works by David Bailey, Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke-White, and Nobuyoshi Araki are featured alongside astonishing US Army, US Airforce, and NASA prints.


Araki to Zangaki contrasts documentary prints with contemporary colour photographs and illustrates the varied forms and practices of photography. The works by Araki and Bailey highlight the diverse way in which one medium of photography can be used. Diversity is a theme throughout resulting in an interesting portrayal of the human landscape in the 20th and 21st Century.