To Die and Become

April 8, 2005 – April 30, 2005


The gallery is priviliged to present, for the first time, key sculptural works from Ferdinand Anton’s private collection of Ancient American Art.


Ferdinand Antons great love of pre-columbian art began in the early 1950’s, during his time as a cultural correspondent for the BBC. Through Henry Moore, he became acquainted with the art of ancient american cultures. From 1949 to 2003 he received international acclaim for his archivements as an archaeologist, journalist, author, photographer, director, as well as uncompromising adviser and expert to collectors, museums and professionals. His numerous publications andcuratorial work for national and internatinal institutions contributed significantly to a renewed interest in the art of cultures that were largely forgotten or neglected.In showing selected works from his excellent private collection we hope to do justice to Ferdinand Anton’s great expertise and appreciation of art made by these facinating cultures.