Arthur B. Rickerby, Birds and paved street, c.1950, silver gelatin print ©Arthur B. Rickerby

November 9, 2012 — December 22, 2012


After last year’s successful exhibition of affordable photography, the gallery is pleased to present a show of vintage photographs in time for Christmas.


Photography is about collecting. Sometimes the gallery may seem like a museum space, but nevertheless the works on the wall are for sale. This gives visitors the opportunity to participate in the great adventure that is collecting photography. Now more than ever before we have the possibility of finding great works of art at affordable prices. We should remember that the last time such an opportunity arose was in the 1960s, and subsequently the market for 19th Century photography flourished. This time it is the shift to digital photography that brings 20th Century prints to light out of various archives.


It takes foresight to recognise a great work of art as a piece of history when the price tag is only a few hundred pounds. But here in East London the gallery encourages people of every generation to have a look at these one-of-a-kind pieces and develop or begin their own collections.