X-Ray Japan-1945

DANIEL BLAU has established himself as a necessary name in historical photography. With "Misled: German Youth 1933-1945" and "1937 – Japan Attacks China!", Blau has assembled two collections of documentary photographs from some of the darkest moments in modern history, making many of them accessible and available for the first time, after over 70 years of existence.      
  • Details:
  • Printed and bound by Pelo-Druck Lohner oHG
  • Paper content: Offset 50g/m2
  • Paper cover: Olin, Rough, cream, 200g/m2
  • Published: 2020
  • 64 pages, 33 images
  • 15×21 cm, softcover
  • Editor: Daniel Blau
  • Text: Katharina Rohmeder
  • Editor: Robert Isaf
  • Layout: Christiane Wunsch
  • Publication Date 2020
  • ISBN: 978-3-9821983-2-3

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