Petite Paradise

February 2, 2007 – March 31, 2007


The Gallery Daniel Blau is pleased to present an exhibition documenting a crucial turning point in the History of Photography. The Exhibition titled Petite Paradise shows Autochromes for the first time in a Gallery in Germany, and to our knowledge for the first time entirely. Autochromes are the first convincing form of Colorphotography that was primarily available on the market in 1907. The exhibited Autochromes from the 1920’s show atmospheric, idyllic views of France, of its coasts as well as the gardens and alleys of Paris.


When in 1907 the brothers Lumière published their on dyed potato starch grain based Autochrome method, the magazine‚ L’Illustration’ exclaimed „The old and cold black and white photography is from now on only of secondary interest.“ Quickly euphoria spread from the Amateur photographers to the famous Artists — despite the immense production costs and thedifficulty of reproducing the images.


The Gallery presents the original glass-plate photographs in especially made lightboxes. Through these, the illuminated images obtain an atmosphere that impresses. The light drowns the areas, brightens and colors them. The title of the exhibition is reflected in every single Autochrome. Atmospheric scenes of Parisian alleys stand next to lively squares, large parks next to lonely ruins. Coastal cliffs contrast to still bays.And throughout the colors act so intensely, that one can withdraw oneself from their intimacy only with great effort.