Paul Gauguin: The Discovery of Two Photographs

PAUL GAUGUIN Tahiti portrait

Galerie DANIEL BLAU and Galerie MEYER – Oceanic Art present an exhibition of early photographs of Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands. DANIEL BLAU takes great pleasure in unveiling two unknown photographs of the painter PAUL GAUGUIN taken by Jules Agostini on July 19th, 1896 at Venus Point on the island of Tahiti.


Galerie Meyer – Oceanic Art

17 Rue des Beaux-Arts

Paris 75006 France

TEL: 01 43 54 85 74



Further Information

The below document provides a description and timeline of our discovery of the two, only known, photographs showing Paul Gauguin in French Polynesia.



Television Reportage

France O covers the discovery on television on 18th November. Please fast forward to Minute 10:15 to view the footage:

France O on Gauguin photographs


Press Coverage

Catrin Lorch, 10. Februar 2017, Süddeutsche Zeitung





Claire Voon, 10 Februar 2017, Hyperallergic
Recently Discovered Photographs May Be the Only Ones of Paul Gauguin in Tahiti

9 Februar 2017, The Times UK
Gaugins Tahiti frolics revealed
The Times_Gaugins Tahiti frolics revealed

Henri Neuendorf, 7. Februar 2017, Artnet News

Do These Photos Show Paul Gaugin and His Tahitian Muse?
These may be the only known photos of the artist in Tahiti




Martin Bailey, 7. Februar 2017, The Art Newspaper
Images of Gaugin in Tahiti discovered in photo album

Artnewspaper_print_images of gaugin




7. Februar 2017, ARTFORUM

Only Known Photographs of Gauguin in Tahiti Recently Unearthed
Scott Reyburn, 2. December 2016, International New York Times

Photos, Perhaps, Show a Rare Glimpse of Gauguin in Tahiti

 press new york times gaugin in tahiti



PAUL GAUGUIN Tahiti portrait