Louis Alphonse Poitevin

By presenting results of the latest research alongside a multitude of the most varied photographs, this collection of Alphonse Poitevin’s works offers the unique opportunity for a complete overview of the body of work produced by this outstanding inventor, chemist, engineer, researcher, artist, and photographer, and for him and his work to at last receive the attention they deserve.
This collection brings together 47 of Alphonse Poitevin’s vintage prints, offering a unique and exclusive insight into his life’s work, and hoping thereby to spur new interest and further research into his extraordinary alchemist.
84 pages, 97 illustrations, with essays by Martin Jürgens and Katharina Rohmeder
18,5 × 25,5 cm, softcover,
published by:
Hirmer Publishers, 2021
Printed and bound by:
Pelo-Druck Lohner OHG
paper content: Tauro 120g/m
paper cober: Gardamatt Art 350g/m
Edition: 750
€ 20 plus shipping
ISBN: 978-3-7774-3747-7
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