September 9, 2010 – October 1, 2010


From the 09—14 September, the Gallery Daniel Blau will be having a set of consecutive exhibitions by four exponents of the LE GUN artists collective: Robert Rubbish, Chris Bianchi, Stephanie von Reiswitz and Bill Bragg. Founding members of the LE GUN group and the publication of the same name, these London-based artists are united by the medium of illustration on paper.


9 September, 11—18 pm: Stephanie von Reiswitz
Munich-born and very much immersed in the London universe, Stephanie von Reiswitz depicts surreal tales of past glories and tragedies, while rendering through her sombre colours and shapes an aesthetic reminiscent of the Weimar Republic.


10 September, 18—21 pm: Chris Bianchi
A self-invented Maltesian, Chris Bianchi’s somewhat surreal ideas are rendered in landscapes where new perspectives lead onto more and the viewer will find their mind pleasantly boggled.


11 September, 11—18 pm: Robert Rubbish
A unique Londoner and notorious Soho character, Robert Greene (a.k.a. Robert Rubbish), comprises half of the Victorian punk revivalist duo, the Rubbish Men, and shares generously a slice of his world through an adventurous synthesis of drawings and writing.


12 September, 11—18 pm: Bill Bragg
An illustrator with an appreciation for the deeper shades that a pencil can afford, this Englishman depicts fragmentary tales of mystery and conjures unlikely characters in a beautifully noir-esque style.


After the Open Art Galerie Daniel Blau presents a group exhibition of all the members of LE GUN including Neal Fox, who already had two very successful solo shows at Galerie Daniel Blau.