Frieze NY 2017 – True Vintage

May 5, 2017 — May 7, 2017


In our first exhibition at FRIEZE New York we are delighted to present, True Vintage, a selection of rare and newly discovered treasures. The highlight of True Vintage is Lunch Atop a Skyscraper. In 1932, an unidentified photographer, climbed 70 stories to the top of the RCA building in the final months of its construction, and captured one of the most recognizable and important photographs in American history. Eleven intrepid steel workers are seen enjoying lunch as they sit on a steel beam 800ft above the city streets. It’s a dazzling spectacle to see. Taken September 20, 1932 and printed within two weeks, we were thrilled at the discovery since the original glass negative is broken and we could not locate a single vintage print. This is the earliest known print from the original, unaltered negative. Every detail is vividly present and preserved in stunning clarity. This is one of the most important discoveries in recent American photographic history. Further discoveries in True Vintage, explore vintage works by three photographers: Weegee, Edward Wallowitch and Margaret Bourke-White. Each of these photographers challenged their social context and surroundings through the lens of the camera. Viewed against the backdrop of their time, True Vintage explores the relationship of the outsider and immigrant through their lens. They are enduring testaments to the American landscape and the ideals of inclusion rather than exclusion. They form a discussion that is still relevant today. Their photographs present a dialogue, both with photographer and subject, but also with the viewer and our current context. highlights the importance of the outsider and their outstanding contributions to photography and culture in general.


Lunch atop a skyscraper