Benjamin Katz

October 11, 2011 – December 12, 2011, 2012

On the occasion of Gerhard Richter’s major retrospective at the Tate Modern this October, Daniel Blau Ltd. will be housing a parallel exhibition entitled “Benjamin Katz: Gerhard Richter – Atlas Exchanged”.The result of a friendship spanning more than four decades between Richter and Katz, this selection of 80 photographs is taken from the photographer’s vintage archive and includes portraits taken from the 1980s onwards at a variety of locations, including Richter in his studio.


Not confined to the canvas, Richter’s dialogue with photography, prints, and other media present an unequivocal insight into the post-war artist finding his subject matter through whichever media is at hand. The importance of Richter’s body of work “Atlas” is now well documented; serving to highlight the artist’s life’s work and processes through a spiraling amalgamation of imagery culled from his archive. In direct relation to this, we present Katz’s consistent documentation of the spirit of Richter living amongst his work: Katz fashions his photographs in such a way as not to intrude, but, rather to be part of an exchange of ideas found deep within Richter’s sprawling oeuvre.