Aurora Argentina

February 4, 2005 – April 2, 2005


‘Aurora Argentina: From Santa Fé to Tucumán – Cyanotypes by Georges Poulet’ is the first exhibition of early photographs to be mounted by the Galerie Daniel Blau in its new premises on Munich’s Odeonsplatz. The cyanotypes of Georges Poulet (Paris 1848 – after 1921) take us on a journey through Argentina, showing us the country and its people as they tell the story of how a railway was constructed from Santa Fé to Tucumán in the remote mountains of north-western Argentina.


Between 1890 and 1894 Poulet produced two series of cyanotypes in Argentina, including some multipartite panoramas. The more than one hundred photographs show scenes in the city and port of Santa Fé, rivers, swamps, grassy plateaux, villages, workers and local inhabitants.


Poulet’s cyanotypes of the railway construction in Argentina convey the full flavour of the pioneering spirit so characteristic of the nineteenth century. They also reveal a desire to record technological processes in an artistic way. The misty blues of the cyanotypes bathe the views selected and arranged by the photographer in a quite special atmosphere, the elegantly written captions in red ink at the bottom turning each sheet into a unified whole.


The exhibition is accompanied by a copiously illustrated publication in German and English with essays by Daniel Oggenfuss and Pirkko Rathgeber and a catalogue of all Poulet’s Argentinian cyanotypes. The catalogue is available from the Galerie Daniel Blau.