Adam Fuss

October 10, 2008 – November 9, 2008

On the occasion of Munich Highlights, Galerie Daniel Blau is presenting unique photographs by the artist Adam Fuss, who was born in Londonin 1961 and now lives in New York. The works have never been shown before. The art of Adam Fuss fetches record prices at auctions and he is represented at galleries of international renown, making him one of the top stars of the photography scene. We are particularly proud tohave the privilege of presenting these works to the public for the first time in Munich.


His early large-format series Proto Spirals focuses on circles and spirals. Foreground and background seem to dissolve as the individual circles superimpose, the separate forms coalescing and disengaging again, timeless but without appearing motionless. At the same time, they seem so light and filigree that they could break at any moment.


The direct positives are made by simple exposure in a dark room: a small, freely hanging lamp is set in motion, swinging like a pendulum on a string and directly drawing its path onto the photographic paper beneath. Gravity causes the concentric oscillations to become smaller and smaller, appearing as spirals after developing.