35. OPEN ART – DANIEL BLAU presenting Daido Moriyama

Daido Moriyama
DANIEL BLAU, is pleased to present for the first time in this new Open Art Edition, an exceptional exhibition of 23 paintings by the famous Japanese artist Daido Moriyama.
A few words about Daido Moriyama:
Born in 1938 in Osaka, Japan, Moriyama has significantly changed the way we see photography over the course of his 60-year career. With his camera, he has not only documented his immediate surroundings and artistically analyzed the society of post-war Japan, USA, but also questioned the photographic medium itself. His unmistakable visual language is just as legendary as his numerous publications, which play a central role in his work.
Moriyama’s diverse oeuvre, very much focused on strong contrasts and inspired by Andy Warhol, comprises above all traditional photographs, installations and silkscreen prints. Between 1968 and 1972, Moriyama created works of great density. His talent was enhanced by the cultural pulse of the time. Photography was omnipresent, in the press and in advertising.
With the themes of mass media, consumer society and everyday life, the 2023 works in gold bronze and black are based on early photographs Moriyama took in New York City in 1971 and reused here on canvas. Through his images, he creates a kind of “multifaceted reality”.
Why this fascination with New York? A quote from Moriyama explains it best:
“My favorite city: New York. I have no doubt that I like it even more than Tokyo. Somewhere hidden in it is a strange kindness and sadness. Sometimes when I want to remember the person I love, I think of the lights of New York. Since I’m afraid to travel by plane, it’s a great pity that even if I wanted to, I can’t just fly there right now”.
During his visit to New York City in 1971, Moriyama manipulated his 35mm camera in such a way that each negative image could take two single exposures half its size. The larger and fuzzier graininess of the resulting image is part of the desired pictorial effect.
The images in the exhibition are not simple reproductions of one or the other photograph: under the motto grainy, blurred out of focus (are, bure and boke), Moriyama has combined the successive negatives, one on top of the other, to form a single image and joined them together on a common, vertical, canvas.

Exhibition Dates:


35. Open Art:

September 8 – 10, 2023
presented by Initiative Münchner Galerien zeitgenössischer Kunst
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Saturday 8th, 2023
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