Fish Hooks of the Pacific Islands

The fish hook derives its form from its practical intention - to catch a fish. But in cultures where fishing is and always has been a main livelihood, the crafting of fish hooks becomes an Art. This volume features more than 600 fish hooks used by the peoples of the Pacific Islands, with life-size illustrations and accompanying texts. description This is the first extensive reference on Pacific fish hooks since the publication of Harry Beasley's 1928 Pacific Island Record: Fishhooks, which was printed in an edition of only 250 copies. Much has been learned and discovered since then, and Fish Hooks of the Pacific Islands gathers it all under one title with comprehensive new observations, research, attributions, identifications and colour photographs. This publication is the product of a collaboration by private collectors who have a common dedication to the art and knowledge of old Pacific cultures. In the making of this book, they have brought together an incredible quantity of information as well as images and details of the finest known examples from collections all over the world.


    • 374 pages, 10 fold-out illustrations in colour, 341 colour and 31 black and white illustrations, 25 x 30 cm, linen
    • Text in English
    • Texts by Daniel Blau, Klaus Maaz and Sydney Picasso
  • ISBN: 978-3-7774-4931-9

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