Arthur B. Rickerby

"Twilight Gleam", 1956 by Arthur B. Rickerby, silver gelatin print on semi-matte fibre paper, 35,5 x 27,8 cm,   verso: labeld in typeset: The twilight of a person's life need not to be cold, drab period of fear, doubt, and loneliness. It can be a time of peace after the bright, hectic years -- a time of dignity and happiness in which the oldest feels useful, secure and loved. This is purpose of the Mary Mannings Walsh Home for the Aged in New York City. It is the spiritual or psychological need of an old man or woman which determines whether he or she gets into the home, not wealth or poverty. Some residents here are quite wealthy, as a matter of fact, while others are penniless. Some live here because they cannot find the emotional security and special care offered anywhere else. The Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and infirm here help the old people fight the battle against illness, senility, fear and loneliness with all the spiritual, scientific and psychological skills and facilities at their command. But the first (and most vital) treatment given is love. Pervading the entire home are the love of god and the love of man--substitute in an age of substitutes. These United Press Photos by staff photographer A.B. Rickerby show you some of the ways in which the home provides the things the old folks need, from physical care and clean, comfortable surroundings to companionship, recraetion and the love the nuns bestow on them and ehich they, in turn, bestow on each other. Here, then, is a way of life at twilight that seems to have met the challenge of old age successfully. Credit (united press photo) 12-28-56


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