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Bulletin #14


Early Photography in Japan

Photography was first introduced to Japan at a time of great upheaval in the country.  

Bulletin #13


Yoshito Matsushige & Yōsuke Yamahata

Eyewitnesses of the final bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki  

Bulletin #12


Snow Studies

“How full of the creative genius is the air in which these are generated! I should hardly admire more if real stars fell and lodged on my coat.” Henry David Thoreau

Bulletin #11


Message in a Bottle

A “found object” is understood to be an object, part of the everyday or natural surroundings, which is made into a work of art.

Bulletin #10


Architecture & Photography

GEORG KOPPMANN Vintage Photographs of Historic Hamburg

Bulletin #9


Architecture & Art

Housing Projects by Lüpertz, Kiefer and Immendorff

Bulletin #8


A Victorian Photographer Abroad

Francis Frith’s (1822-1898) photographic tours to Egypt in 1856-57 and 1859-60 were by far the most ambitious and systematic excursions of his time

Bulletin #7


Travelling Photographers

“Travel to Egypt? They all start dancing with sheer joy,” he wrote. “As if that was something other than going to London.”

Bulletin #6


Carbon Printing

One of the most common printing processes developed in the 1850s is the carbon print.

Bulletin #5


So far yet so close: NASA Lunar Orbiter Photographs

The photographs taken by a machine are the remnants of one the first successful attempts at exploring our nearest celestial neighbour.

Bulletin #4


Karl-Heinz Schwind

“Images enlarge the space, expand it – form tunnels into other worlds, make the room a Charles de Gaulle departure hall”

Bulletin #3


auto – Mobile

There are just a few examples of the ways in which artists have turned their attention to cars and car cultur

Bulletin #2



The cyanotype process is chemically simple and limited in terms of the color…

Bulletin #1


Retouching in Photography

“It is not the camera but the skill of the operator that produces a realistic-looking photograph”