X-Ray Japan-1945

DANIEL BLAU has established himself as a necessary name in historical photography.

With “Misled: German Youth 1933-1945” and “1937 – Japan Attacks China!”, Blau has assembled two collections of documentary photographs from some of the darkest moments in modern history, making many of them accessible and available for the first time, after over 70 years of existence.



Gli Alinari à Firenze

Gli Alinari à Firenze

Never will Florence seem as monumental as in these photographs of Fratelli Alinari. When visiting Florence, to see how it really is, one will quickly understand that these photographers were masters of their art, and their photographic interpretation of the 19th century should be greatly valued.



Essay by Daniel Blau (excerpt from “Cast Light” in: Gegossenes Licht, Cast light, Salt and paper VII, Daniel Blau, 2008)

1937 – Japan Attacks China!

“I was so absorbed in focusing and guessing the right exposure that I didn’t have time to be horrified by what my camera saw.” (R.Brandt, 1937)


1937 – Japan Attacks China! is the second volume in a series that explores historical events that have often been overlooked and untold through the medium of photography.


The first volume, Misled: German Youth 1933-1945, examines and investigates the role of the German youth during the Nazi regime from 1933-1945.

Daniel Blau is proud to present to the public 1937 – Japan Attacks China!, and for the first time in 80 years 158 recently discovered photographs of this horrific conflict.

Photographs by Rudolph Brandt and Joy Lacks

Hardcover, 222 pages, 146 illustration, 25,4 x 17,8 cm

Editor Daniel Blau
Texts by Pearl Lam, Dr. Tilman Spengler, Ryan Adams and Daniel Blau


ISBN: 978-3-00-059776-3


Publication Date 2018